With the introduction to Ireland of judicial separation in 1989 and divorce in 1996 it is now possible,in the case of marital breakdown, to make provision and have arrangements between married couples dealt with both by agreement and through the Courts.

In addition, and becoming increasingly more significant, non-marital relationships between persons who have children also require legal advice in relation to their rights and duties. At Coghlan Kelly Solicitors we aim to offer sound legal advice in the context of extremely emotional issues such as custody, access, guardianship, maintenance, etc.

Our primary focus in advising clients will always be to refer them to alternative dispute resolution advisers such as mediators or counsellors.  Occasionally these alternative methods of coming to agreement  or understanding in relation to family relationships are not possible for one reason or another.  In those circumstances we advise in relation to family law resolution by agreement or if necessary at District Court, Circuit Court and High Court levels.

We advise on a very wide range of issues, from property rights to issues of paternity, from domestic violence to matters relating to pensions, for individuals who are married, single or separated.

If you wish to discuss any matter or if you have any query in relation to a family law problem you might have you can you can email us at info@coghlankelly.com or call us on (051) 429 100.